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Welcome to the AVSUPPORT Saab archive page!

Find some odd Saab models here, if you think you saw them all... !

While eating at the McDonalds in London, I noticed this Saab 9000.

Some people think that the 9-5 Estate is the first Saab Stationcar in 22 years. I don't.

A Dutch guy told me there was one 96 Cabrio model, a green one in the Netherlands. I don't want to disappoint him, but in Sweden I noticed this one while hunting Saab's a few years ago.

Most Saab freaks agree that Saab's made before 1976 are the most beautiful. There is an exception... This Swedish Custom Saab is paint brushed, and the plush doors and dashboard took the guy's a few years to build. Some other wheels would not be bad...
If you're interested, the car was for sale when I filmed it.

Saab Performance Team in the Netherlands with Mr. Saab, Erik Carlsson

Would you like a larger picture? Send me your Saab picture and I'll send you one !